Tej Kohli, CEO announces establishment of India development center

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Announcing the establishment of GrafixSoftech Asia Pvt Ltd in Hyderabad, India.

Tej Kohli, CEO of GrafixSoftech, announced today the opening of a research and development arm in Hyderabad, India. This new office will allow GrafixSoftech to offer additional cutting edge internet marketing solutions while attracting talented and world class engineers from across India and the world. The center has already Cheap Football Jerseys attracted talented world class engineers from top tier IITs and RECs, and the management and senior engineering team has extensive experience in identifying and solving technical problems across a broad spectrum of markets, including internet and database technologies and mission critical embedded systems. Over time the company plans on growing the facility to better serve its evolving customer base while maintaining costs.

The center will engage in providing cutting edge marketing solutions to support the growing business needs of its parent company. In addition to this the center will also work on various internet marketing products.

During the initial few weeks of its establishment the development center has been able to attract talented and world class engineers from the reputed IITs and RECs. The management and senior engineering team has extensive experience in identifying and solving problems in a broad spectrum of areas including internet and database technologies, mission critical systems and embedded systems at companies like IBM, Netscape and Oracle.


Grafix Softech S.A. is a privately held company located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Grafix Softech has been successfully marketing E-businesses / turnkey solutions. Grafix Softech S.A. has maximized R.O.I. on the Internet click for more. Marketing takes experience, commitment, and a passion for excellence all attributes of the Grafix team. Grafix Softech S.A. has been at the leader of the e-volutionof of marketing on the Internet from its inception.

With headquarters in Costa Rica and operations in India, Grafix Softech is led by Tej Kohli. Tej Kohli has played a stellar role in the growth of Grafix Softech, and his efforts have helped make it one of the world’s leading online marketer.

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