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telegraphInc. : 8 Things of Billionaires
Date :Aug 28, 2014 t’s common sense: If you really want the best advice on how to improve your business, get it from the most successful business owners.
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Bdaily : Grafix Softech History and Success
Date :04 Dec 2013 To build this empire, Kohli went through a very rigorous process of hiring the people that are right for the job.


Business Blog : E-Commerce Innovators
Date :January 17, 2014 The world of e-commerce is booming. There are websites for every product and service imaginable.

Businesscomputingworld: Tech Companies Future
Date :18/09/2012 What will be the defining features of successful global technology companies of the future?


Businessreviewusa: Advanced Networks Technology
Date :11 Apr 2013 Let’s look at the numbers. In a report commissioned by EMC, analyst house IDC points out that


Emergingworld: An Interview With Tej Kohli
Date : 9 Jan, 2014
What events in your life shaped you into the successful entrepreneur and business leader that you are today?


Examiner: Turnkey E-Commerce Solutions For Business
Date : January 26, 2014 Shoppers love the convenience of using their mobile device to shop online.


<b style="color: ray bans sale #46b6eb”>Exploreb2b: 7 Pieces of Wisdom
Date : Feb 10, 2014 Kohli aims to improve poor children’s standard of living by providing their mothers with educational opportunities..


Resourcenation: E-Commerce World Transformanation
Date : February 7, 2014 Kohli’s vision for revolutionizing e-commerce is rooted in his company


Socialnomics: Grafix Softech will Revolutionize E-Commerce
Date : January 23, 2014 Whether your business is located in a brick and mortar location or it’s solely online


Socialnomics: Grafix Softech will Revolutionize E-Commerce
Date : January 23, 2014 Whether your business is located in a brick and mortar location or it’s solely online


TheGuardian: code of the IT industry
Date : 2 May 2013 An open-source business will make its money from adding value to its software,


TweakYourBiz: Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Date : February 26th, 2014 Kohli combined his lifelong entrepreneurial thirst with custom jerseys his acquired technical knowledge and came up with a plan for his first business, Grafix Softech


YFSmagazine: Global Business
Date : 11 Jan, 2014 If you plan to expand globally, there will undoubtedly be more gaps to fill in the market than there would be if you were focusing on your local market.


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