Tej Kohli Biography: Scholar to Entrepreneur

Tej Kohli Biography: International Businessman & Philanthropist

Tej Kohli is an international businessman and philanthropist, with a diverse portfolio of commercial and charitable operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and India.

Mr Kohli is a graduate of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur, where he gained his B.Tech in electrical engineering. After five years’ experience in the field, Mr Kohli identified a gap in the market for e-commerce platforms and, combining his passion for technology with a natural acumen for business, established his first company, Grafix Softech, in the late 1990s.

Grafix Softech is now one of a number of flourishing high-tech companies based in Costa Rica, and has additional offices around the world. Grafix Softech also has a significant presence in India, along with a number of other businesses owned by Mr Kohli, to take advantage of the country’s booming IT industry. Still privately owned by Mr Kohli, Grafix Softech has a turnover of several hundred million dollars, and employs just over 500 people worldwide.

Since establishing his first company, Mr Kohli has acquired significant interests in a number of growth industries. These range from real estate in the Middle East, to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery worldwide. He continues to invest in forward-looking industries through the venture capital division of his company. However, his keen personal interest in IT and technology means that this industry remains his primary focus. Mr Kohli personally follows developments and innovations in both technology and business practice to ensure that his ventures remain at the head of their chosen sectors.

Mr Kohli believes that success comes from personal hard work and discipline and remaining open to new possibilities and opportunities, as well as finding and nurturing the right people to work with. The average length of tenure for Mr Kohli’s employees is ten years, and all his companies emphasise the need to support individuals to produce their best work. Mr Kohli established his eponymous charitable foundation with this emphasis on the potential of the every individual, particularly the young, in mind.

The Tej Kohli Foundation provides services in two principal areas. In Costa Rica, the Tej Kohli Foundation provides food, support and education scholarships to under-privileged children, through local established partners and its own grass-roots organisations. The initial pilot program assisted a small group of disabled children and produced such positive results that it was extended and has now helped more than 800 individuals in total.

In India, the Tej Kohli Foundation is principally involved in the area of corneal transplants with the goal of assisting the country’s two million people who suffer from curable blindness. The Foundation has an open-ended commitment to the Nirmaya hospital in Gurgaon, Haryana. The Foundation has also launched a mobile corneal transplant unit which will operate in the National Capital Region of India. Launched in 2007, the program has already helped 1,000 people and with the infrastructure and procedures now in place, aims to help an additional 1,000 every year. In addition to funding the transplants themselves, the Corneal Transplant Program aims to raise awareness about the issues involved, facilitate transplants and popularize donation, which is currently the biggest barrier to the successful treatment of a greater number of people.

The Tej Kohli Foundation does not accept external donations, but is constantly looking for individuals who are able to put its programs into practice at grass-roots level. As with his business interests, Mr Kohli is constantly looking for new opportunities where direct, targeted, charitable support will change people’s lives.

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How Grafix Softech Conducts Online Marketing Campaigns

How Grafix Softech Conducts Online Marketing Campaigns

Online Marketing Strategies

A marketing campaign will only be successful if one sets goals and then employs quality strategies to reach them. Grafix Softech will first evaluate an e-commerce or affiliate marketing site in a process which leads to identification of possible problems. The problem is then addressed to professionals who optimize the e-commerce website by integrating better navigation methods and redesigning graphics as a way of improving the websites conversion rate. At first, some of the changes made to a website will apparently seem insignificant but will always reap great profits in the long run.

Focus on target market

Grafix Softech helps its clients get quality leads to their e-commerce websites by focusing on target audience only. The firm has established relationships with many websites which cover the interests of almost each and every online marketer. For instance, if a client deals in computer accessories, the firm will try as much as possible to advertise the client’s products on blogs and websites with related information.


Identifying the best sites on which to advertise products is just an initial step in a marketing campaign led by Grafix. The firm will then assign professionals who dedicate their working time to analysis which makes it easier to make modifications. If a campaign strategy is not yielding desirable results, it can either be eliminated or modified for maximum efficiency. Grafix Softech is reputed for its emphasis on immediate action; coincidentally this is one of the reasons why most marketers prefer the turnkey solutions the firm.


Grafix Softech is at the exposure of a centralized advertisement management system which provides marketing professionals with real time information on a client’s campaign efforts. AdMaster is the innovative software used to produce reports on the progress of a websites seo campaign. Depending on a client’s plan, the reports can either be produced after a fortnight, in a month or upon request.

Other Services

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Job Opportunities available at Grafix Softech

Grafix Softech S.A. a leading online marketer is seeking dynamic leaders that can grasp concepts quickly in the following areas: design, marketing and operations. Bring your fresh, creative ideas to this established and growing company.

We’re seeking individuals with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit who want to join a company with a proven track record. We are fast-paced and on the leading edge, implementing real solutions for real customers. We are looking for world-class talent… people who are committed to making a difference and have the skills and experience to make things happen.

With headquarters in Costa Rica and operations in India, Grafix Softech is led by Tej Kohli. Tej Kohli has played a stellar role in the growth of Grafix Softech, and his efforts have helped make it one of the world’s leading online marketer.

Current Job Opportunities

UNIX/Linux System Administration

Our client is looking for a Senior UNIX Systems Administrator you will be responsible for the operation, administration, maintenance, upgrading and security of all UNIX based systems in a 24×7 production environment.

The successful candidates will need to provide recommendations on the design, development, maintenance and modifications of systems, processing and communications equipment to meet the management information needs of the firm. As well as maintain knowledge of development in the area of systems and hardware to assure that new developments within the information field are incorporated in future system. Applying candidates need to have 5 + years experience with system administration of UNIX/Linux (Server) and experience with load balanced, Internet Web Servers in a UNIX production environment. Candidates also need to have expertise in TCP/IP Networking and

Other Requirements:
– Domain Name Service (DNS) in corporate environment utilizing BIND 8.2 or greater
– Internet Mail Exchangers, specifically using qmail
– Experience with bash, awk, and perl scripting
– LDAP directories is a plus as well as MySQL or other RDBMS
– Experience in Linux preferred
– Excellent communication skills and the ability to work within a team environment.


Professional Web Developer

Responsible for the contribution of original design ideas in alignment with online brand style and tone. As a member of the creative team, this person will provide design support and work closely with the team from concept to final design implementation.

This person will develop creative solutions for short-term Web initiatives and be responsible for various Web graphic components such as page layout, special promotional pages, ad banners, user interface, and content flow.

Knowledge of:
– Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady and other Web image editing tools
– Good oral and written communication skills
– Ability to meet deadlines; manage multiple tasks simultaneously and keep track of details.
– Able to work in a team environment.
– Able to troubleshoot and resolve unexpected issues quickly and efficiently
– Able to adjust to a fast paced, high pressure environment
– Must possess skills in creative and visual thinking
– Must be a self-starter, dedicated, and highly motivated to excel
– Able to communicate verbally as well as develop visual comps in a timely manner
– Computer literate in both Windows and Macintosh O/S Knowledge of Web production process.

Other Requirements:
– Provide original thoughts and ideas to base concepts and/or creative strategies.
– Provide assistance in the day-to-day support of Oline Web properties.
– Design and build web pages using a variety of graphics software applications, techniques, and tools.
– Design and develop user interface features such as navigation, site animation and special effects.
– Develop designs that support the organization’s overall online strategies and goals.
– Perform Web site editorial activities including researching information to enhance the value of the site.


Web Portal Staff

We are currently recruiting for a web designer with heavy portal experience. You will be responsible for the contribution of original design ideas in alignment with Online brand style and tone. As a member of the creative team, you will provide design support and work closely with the team members from concept to final design implementation. This person will develop creative solutions for short-term Web initiatives (small promotions and campaigns) and be responsible for various Web graphic components such as page layout, special promotional pages, ad banners, user interface, and content flow.

Further you will manage varias overall day-to-day activities of the web portal. Including participating in forum discussions and keeping a pulse on the competition in the industry for our portals. Understanding the marketing aspects of e-commerce is highly preferred. Being an avid sports enthusiast is a plus as well.

Technically speaking, experience with the following is preferred: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, and other web based languages and technologies. Working with Linux servers is a plus. Understanding of the bases of portals as a business concept and being self-motivated and willing to work in a growing team environment is a must.

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